Top 5 Food Items Mostly Eaten In Delhi


Chole Bhature is one of the extremely famous and eaten food items in Delhi; it is mostly eaten in the time of morning for breakfast. it’s one plate comprised of fried oval-shaped bread with spicy chole enjoyed with a salad of onions and is one of the famous food in Delhi

Chole Bathure


Parathas are eat in every house and eaten as a portion of street food in Delhi. it is most commonly eat in the time of the morning. There are various types of parathas, Aloo paratha, onion paratha, plain paratha, etc. parathas are often served with pickles, and curd, butter, etc. it is very popular in Delhi



Samosa is a deep-fried snack usually filled with spicy potatoes, vegetables, and herbs. It is served with sweet red sauce and green chilly sauce. It is mostly eaten in the time of breakfast or in the time of evening. It is very popular in Delhi.



Gol Gappe (Panipuri) is very popular amongst all Delhites. These churchy balls are made up of semolina or wheat flour. The Gol Gappe are filled with spice mixed boiled potato, chickpeas and coriander, and some sweet chutney after they are dipped in chilled tangy flavored water and served.

Gol Gappe

A most popular snack in Delhi, Momos are one of the most loved snacks in Delhi. There are various varieties of Momos nowadays such as Gravy Momos, Grilled Momos, Tandoori Momos, Kurkure Momos, Panner Momos, and Veg Momos. The most popular are Panner Momos and veg momos. Some varieties are steamed and some are fried. Momos are served with red chilly and mayonnaise sauce.


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