Top 5 Food YouTube Channels

Watching YouTube has become an alternative to traditional television when people are too bored with TV. What makes it more interesting is the users can choose whatever they want to watch simply by typing the keywords they aim to see.

Food channels are among the types of video content that gain traction over the years. These cooking shows have attracted more viewers than cute cat videos—making it difficult for new users to find great content on YouTube.

Although there are professional chef channels on this platform, surprisingly, people are drawn more to food content creators. The reason is that these creators provide a different angle than what a professional used to and that is what makes it interesting.

Here are the top five food channels on YouTube that you should subscribe to:

1. Tasty

If you wonder what’s the largest food network to date, the answer is Tasty. This food channel is among the pioneer food recipe providers on YouTube. However, you probably don’t get to know Tasty from this platform. Instead, this channel is already popular on Facebook with its short-form recipe video that intrigues viewers to learn more.

Tasty has a distinct quality that makes it different from any other channel. It includes basic tutorials such as lasagna four ways and three-ingredient lunch, taste tests comparing store-bought and homemade foods, and more advanced techniques like making deep-fried ice cream.

There’s a reason why these kinds of videos are popular. Unlike other food channels that focus on the cooking show, Tasty broadens its range to making content that’s unlikely in the cooking industry. Another video like competition gimmicks with unconventional kitchen utensils is what makes this food channel even more well-known.

2. Joshua Weissman

Who can make any fast food better at home? It’s Joshua Weissman. This cabinet-guy will show you how to make that popular fast food but better. Every time he opens the cabinet, he begins with the bombastic introduction with his very own “oh hi, I didn’t see you there” line and his antics to start the day.

He creates exceptional mouth-watering dishes that mimic various fast foods he just brought home as a comparison. This is the reason why Weissman’s videos are very engaging to its audience.

Weissman lets them know the steps of a particular fast food and how to make it better. As a result, his very own fast-food version is definitely more tempting to eat than the other way round.

3. Dianxi Xiaoge

If you’re looking for a break from a never-ending working hustle, surely a calming nature view will help you go through it. But, what if you combine a healing scene with a mouth-watering dish at once? That’d be even more wonderful.

This is what Dianxi Xiaoge does on her YouTube channel. This former policewoman lives peacefully in the countryside in Yunnan, China, with her little family and an adorable Alaskan Malamute.

Unlike a typical cooking channel, Dianxi shows you how to cook restaurant-like Chinese food with everything she gets from the family’s yard. She will climb into a mountain looking for wild mushrooms or harvesting Sichuan pepper to make an unimaginable dish from a village. Her cooking shows will leave you amazed with her exceptional ability, added with the beautiful scenery surrounding it.

4. Maangchi

In the past decades, there was a surge in Korean culture. Thanks to k-pop and k-drama popularity, Korean foods are now high in demand. Be it in the form of a Korean restaurant or instant foods; the public never lowers its interest in this particular topic.

However, if you aim for more traditional dishes like those on the k-drama, it’s best to cook on your own. Maangchi is one of the most popular Korean chefs to date. She will be more than happy to teach you how to make Korean foods at home.

Aunty Maangchi regularly updates her videos every 2-week. She now has over 400 videos on her channel, with more than 19 million views for her most popular traditional kimchi recipes. She shares what Korean people eat daily. So, if you’re rooting for a high-quality Korean cooking channel, aunty Maangchi is one go-to channel to stalk.

5. JunsKitchen

JunsKitchen is a separate channel from Rachel and Jun, a mixed couple from Japan, that generates the audience’s support due to Jun’s cooking ability. The cats’ presence is what makes this channel different from any other alike. The couple’s cats always roam around Jun while he serves food—leaving the viewers in awe for their cuteness.

Although most of Jun’s recipes are Japanese cooking, he did some Western food whenever possible. He also makes exceptional cats’ restaurant service where he cooks for his cats only. Furthermore, one of the most popular videos on his channel is none other than sushi for cats.


Laying on the couch while watching YouTube has become a routine most people do after work. The content variations make it easier for users to search for whatever they like on this platform. The phrase “food channel” is one of the most searched keywords lately that has trumped popular cat videos.

What makes it even more intriguing is that most of these creators aren’t professional chefs. They are self-taught cooks who come from different backgrounds, making it more interesting to watch. Each of them serves a distinct approach that triggers the viewers to try out their recipes on their own. So, what are you looking for? Check out the food channels above.