Free IPhone Apps That You Must Have In 2022


The availability of smartphones has made life easier for people all around the globe. Now for almost every time-consuming task, a mobile app proves an easy solution.

However, out of the available apps that you may find in the app store, only a few work the way you want them to. Finding a decent mobile app that provides all the features that you are looking for is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack.

It takes hours for an individual to skim through and find a decent app in a list of apps available in a particular category. Custom iOS application developers design many suitable iOS apps, which work. In this article, a list of some decent iOS applications is provided.

If you do not want to waste your time in downloading and testing many different mobile applications or if you do not want to buy an app; then you can choose from the following list of mobile applications Designed by custom iOS application developers.

1. Enlight Pixaloop:

This application allows you to animate your pictures. For inspiring, you have to draw a path manually. Doing this will enable you to define the direction of animation; it also helps you in setting boundaries for keeping other areas of your photograph rooted to the spot. After pushing the play button, you get something similar to cinematography.

Whatever image you created can be exported easily to photos as a video. You can add several effects like automated moving skies and camera wobble; however, there are no animated gifs that can be added to your image. Some of the features available work better than others; however, the package has been designed for you to add life to your pictures and provides decent results.

2. Animatic:

For people who love to draw and animate this great tool helps in creating perfect doodles. For people who have had an interest in creating flick animation, this tool also provides features, which make frame-by-frame animation easier.

This app is plain and easy to use, and it provides many tools, which are easy to use. For every new frame that you create, you will be able to see the one that you designed previously faded in the background, which allows you to keep a trace of transitions between your frames. After when you are done with the process of creating your perfect little animation, you can adjust the speed of your animation and export it to GIF or Video.

An animatic is a fun tool, which can be used for getting into animation. For people who are already into animating this app serves as a great warmup tool. Drawing a few warmup sketches and drawing transition will allow you to study anatomy better. If you are new to this mobile application then you can find demos, take notes from them, and work accordingly; you will be drawing like a professional in no time!

3. WhatTheFont:

This application is a great tool that will help you in identifying typefaces, and it is straightforward to use. You can load an image from your files or take a picture using the application and then you can use it for figuring out where the words are. This app also allows you to select and drag out an area and then you can tap on a word chosen for finding a font match.

The possibilities of finding an exact match are slim; it also depends on the quality of the image. If the picture turns out to be pixelated, you will not be able to get accurate results. Furthermore, it also depends on the fonts available on the MyFonts service.

The app, however, works with precisions, if a font does not match the app provides an outcome that covers a bit of an essence of the original typeface. This app is the best freebie for designers who are always looking for intriguing serif fonts etc.

4. Sok-edit:

This great app allows you to create collages of your pictures. One exciting thing about this app is that it does not arrange images in perfect symmetrical orders. This fun app is tactical and noisy. It allows you to cut, rotate, resize, clone and flip photos and most of the actions have built-in sound effects. It has been designed for adding an element of creativity and excitement to regular pictures.

The only thing that might bother you about this app is the fact that for adding more than two layers you will have to watch adds. Similarly, the pro feature will cost a little. However, even without pro features, this app is a great tool that you can use for creating unique images.