How to Remove Ingrown Hairs with Ingrown Hair Tweezers

Anyone can suffer from ingrown hairs at any point in their life. Although ingrown hairs aren’t perilous, they can irritate you somewhat and may lead to infection. You can get rid of ingrown hairs using ingrown hair tweezers but you must proceed with the process carefully. Before we tell you how to remove ingrown hairs, we shall guide you on which tweezers you must choose.

Best Tweezers to Use to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

You can purchase tweezers of various brands these days; nonetheless, the quality of tweezers varies for different brands. You must get your hands on reliable brand tweezers to remove ingrown hairs, such as Just Blanks. When you invest in tweezers, Make sure they are made of stainless steel. A high-quality tweezer for removing ingrown hairs will have very sharp pointed tips with perfect alignment. Using tweezers with perfect alignment will ensure that the hair won’t slip when you grab it. You may try precision tweezers of the brand we have mentioned earlier to remove ingrown hairs.

What Should You Do Before Removing Ingrown Hairs

Ensure sterilizing tweezer tips with rubbing alcohol. You may dip a cotton ball in a little alcohol to wipe your tweezers. Carefully wash and exfoliate the skin around the ingrown hairs to remove dead skin cells or build-up debris. Make sure that the area is pristine and free from bacteria. Push down a clean flannel steeped in hot water against the area to attract the hair closer to the surface. Make sure you do it with plenty of light or use a magnifying mirror to see what you’re doing exactly.

The Process to Remove Ingrown Hairs

Here is the step by step process to get rid of ingrown hairs:

Step 1: Deploy one tip of the tweezers, cautiously separate, and tease out the end of the hair to the skin’s surface.

Step 2: Exercise intense care while you deploy a tweezer to tease out the end of the hair to the skin’s surface. Please, don’t dig around to prevent the risk of permanent scarring and increase the chances of infection.

Step 3: Once the hair releases to the surface, you can get rid of it via ingrown hair tweezers. That’s it. Nonetheless, you have a choice when you see the hair has released to the surface. If you prefer not to get rid of ingrown hairs at this point, proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Let the hair grow for a few days. It will let your skin calm down and allow the hair to grow out naturally. Keep a close eye and exfoliate the area on a regular basis. If you wait for a few days, it will help you avoid the risk of hair growing back deeper.

Step 5: If the hair is long and unsightly, trim it down. Or, grab the hair firmly with tweezer tips and pluck in the direction of the hair’s growth to remove it.

Following the above steps carefully, you can remove ingrown hairs without a hassle.

What Should You Do Once You Remove Ingrown Hairs?

Aftercare will ensure you avoid any infection. Plus, it’s crucial to take good care of the hair’s follicile after ingrown hair treatment to evade infection. You should dab the area with an antiseptic to close the pore instantly after treatment. Or, you can utilize an antibiotic cream than an antiseptic for closing the pore immediately. It’s important to make sure that treated area remains clean and you exfoliate regularly. Also, evade tight clothing against the area to prevent ingrown hair from recurring.

How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs with Plucking

Keep the following points in mind to prevent ingrown hairs with tweezing:

Utilize a good quality and well-maintained pair of tweezers. Store your tweezers safely with a plastic cap to evade damaging their tips. Also, avoid dropping tweezers because it can put your tweezers out of alignment.

Clean the tips of your tweezers before and after use with the aid of rubbing alcohol. Make sure your skin also remains clean and exfoliated.

Always pluck ingrown hair in the direction of its growth.


Ingrown hair is a common problem that you can also suffer from at some point in life. Ingrown hairs can frustrate you slightly with irritation and may lead to infection. Nevertheless, you can remove ingrown hairs via ingrown hair tweezers. Besides, it’s vital to use good quality precision tweezers to remove ingrown hairs. Before you get rid of ingrown hairs with your tweezers, sterilize the tool. The process to get rid of ingrown hair is simple, mentioned below:

Use one tip of your tweezer, carefully isolate, and tease out the end of the hair to the skin’s surface. Practice extreme care to get rid of ingrown hair with your tweezers once it releases to the surface. Exfoliate regularly as aftercare for the treatment to avoid possible infection.