The Best Educational Toys For Kids Of All Age Groups

educational toys

Play-based learning is a powerful educational technique. As parents, we must recognise the importance of educational toys in the overall development of our children. Fortunately, many toy companies have created outstanding toys with educational benefits that assist children in developing their minds and learning skills that will benefit them in the future. We’ve put together a collection of hand-picked instructional toys nz, that are divided into age categories.

Educational Toys For 1-4 Years Old

This is the age at which children’s fine motor abilities begin to develop and gain control. The first few years of your child’s life are critical for forming their brain architecture.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are a basic yet effective toy that can help your child develop their imagination and creativity. The bright colours and shapes motivate children to investigate, construct, and use their imagination to create a variety of shapes. Kids’ problem-solving skills improve as a result of their frequent stacking, sorting, and counting. In New Zealand, blocks are unquestionably one of the greatest educational toys for two-year-olds.

Musical Rhymes Book

Rhymes are extremely important in the development of literacy. It’s a simple toy that your child will enjoy playing with. To explore the captivating rhythm and colours of this fantastic toy, your youngster may simply press, slide, and twist the knobs and instrument buttons. This is a fantastic toy for helping your child develop their visual and sensory-motor skills.

Leapfrog Learning 100 Words Book

Allow your loved one to explore the world of words with this fascinating and word-filled toy. Your youngster may press-play each page to learn about colours, objects, animals, and much more, with over 12 learning categories, 100 distinct vocabulary, and three different playing modes.


Building Structures With Lego

Building things is something that children enjoy doing. Why don’t you ask them to design their own structure? Lego toys are a fun and instructive STEM toy that encourages your child to design and build things. This toy helps your child improve their fine motor abilities, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and imagination.

Electronic Memory Games

This simple toy might help you improve your memory and patience. The object of the game is to memorise the flashing colour sequence and then press the buttons in the same order. This basic gadget is one of the best electronic learning toys for children aged seven and eight.

Mixed Reality Toys

For kids that enjoy drawing, this is an excellent educational toy. This mixed-reality toy is an instructional tool disguised as a toy that encourages your child to doodle and paint. Your child can choose from a variety of stories, characters, games, and greetings, then sketch and colour the object/character using the instructions provided on the smartphone app. After that, the mobile app analyses your child’s drawings and brings them to life through stories, trivia, and games.

Educational Toys For 9-12-Year-Olds

This is the age when children begin to reject baby toys in favour of more challenging yet enjoyable ones. Look over our list of hand-picked educational toys for kids aged 9 to 12.

Fold Origami Brain Teasers

Fold Origami Brain teasers, a toy that can aid in the development of logical, cognitive, and arithmetic skills. This toy will keep your youngsters busy working their mental muscles to uncover solutions to each puzzle, with over ten fascinating origami brain teasers with solutions.

Brain Flakes 500 Pieces Interlocking Plastic Disc Set

This colourful, inventive, and meticulously constructed toy will drive you insane. Your child can use his or her imagination to explore the unlimited design possibilities with over 500 interconnected discs. Automobiles, Ferris wheels, houses, and other structures, to name a few! This is the greatest toy for them to bring out their inner engineer. You can get these toys from the baby nz online store.