11 gift ideas for younger brothers on their birthday


Having a younger brother seems like trouble in childhood but as time passes by the sweet and sour bond turns into eternal friendship.

If you have such a bond with your brother then his birthday has to be a big deal. Gift your brother something special. Planning a surprise is made easy with online cake delivery, online shopping and e-cards but planning a birthday with a special gift is the most important step.

Here are a few ideas about what to give your younger brother on his birthday.


Cool PlayStation is the ultimate gift to surprise your brother. Do a bit of research to find out which one will be best suited given your brother’s age. PlayStation is popular among teens as they like to spend their leisure looking for digital entertainment.

Doodle t-shirt

A fun doodle t-shirt can be a great gift. All you need is a clear idea of the size. Doodle T-shirts can be found in many designs and patterns. They look cool and can be customised according to the preference of the recipient.


Noise-cancelling headphones are wanted. Gift your brother branded headphones. If your brother is expressive then you might as well ask indirectly if he longs to have any particular brand. Any electrical gadget is a nice gift idea as it will last longer and will come in handy in one way or the other.

Mobile back cover

Personalised mobile back covers can be bought according to the purpose of the event. If you are planning to give it as a birthday gift then special modifications could be done by the seller like adding some elements of the birthday. Mobile back covers are an everyday necessity and your brother will love this gift if he doesn’t have any.

Engraved pocket watch

The engraved pocket watch looks vintage and can become a cool accessory. It often has the look of an artefact but modern pocket watches are still a trend. They can have the name of the recipient engraved on either side and thus give the gift a personal touch.

Cool cake

Sunrise your brother with a cool theme cake for his birthday. You can include the elements of his everyday life like hobbies and likes. If you don’t have a bakery nearby that could cater to your car needs, turn to an online cake store to get quality themed cakes at a reasonable price.

Wooden docking station

The wooden docking station can house keys, mobile and other tiny items. They can be kept at the study table or somewhere near the fort where one can put the important things out of pocket after coming back home. These docking stations are available in many designs and look aesthetic ones bought after keeping in mind the colours and interior of the room.

Wireless charger

Wireless chargers enable easy charging even when all the plug points and tickets are occupied with other important gadgets. They are portable and can be carried anywhere at any time. Your brother will live with this thoughtful gift.


Make your brother winter-ready with comfortable hoodies and pullovers. Gift hoodies with animated or pop art themes. One can’t survive winter without hoodies. It is not just about the cold, hoodies are the best winter fashion, trending in the market irrespective of gender. Your brother can never have too many hoodies. Let your gifted one be his favourite.

Leather wallet

The leather wallet is an excellent accessory, especially for men. Supreme quality leather wallets make excellent gifts on any occasion. Make sure you choose the correct size and buy from a trusted source.


Books are the best gifts. You can give all you want but nothing compares to the gift of knowledge. Gift size bothers novels or books that might hold his interest. You can give him a guide to deal with problems, a book about how to excel in academics or the workplace, the art of living, etc.