Planning Medical Aids before Leaving on Trip

Vacation plans should not be restricted to shopping for essentials, fancy clothes, hotels, flight bookings, and researching for cuisine and shopping joints. An important (read VERY) aspect of travelling is preparing for medical emergency. This will keep you from a number of troubles that you may face while on the move.

Here are some reasons and tips on planning for medical aids while travelling abroad:

Visit to a Physician

First and foremost, you must go for a pre-vacation/tour medical check-up. This is extremely important if you are going to developing countries, visiting sites that are not typical tourist oriented, and high altitudes. In case, you suffer from a chronic disease that may get affected by travel, consult a health care practitioner for precautions and prescriptions to handle an emergency.

Vaccination Requirements on the Move

If you are visiting countries that need vaccinations prior to allowing travellers to enter the country. All travellers need to be up to date on routine vaccines they would normally get if they were not travelling. For instance, some countries require an annual influenza vaccination (flu shot) if travelling during influenza season. Travellers must be up to date on tetanus vaccines, tetanus booster, etc. depending on the country they plan to travel to.

Beware and Stay Armed against Common Infections and Illnesses

It is very common for travellers to pick up infections from contaminated food or water. Some of the infections can be contracted due to animal bites, insect bites, or from other individuals. The best way to avoid them is to go for requisite vaccinations, medications, and simple precautions.

Avoid Motor Accidents

One of the most common causes of medical emergencies and death among travellers is motor vehicle accidents. Hence, you need to pay special attention while crossing street and driving. Also avoid getting into a cab if the driver is drunk. Traffic rules of countries vary. Hence, it is important to research and lean some of these while travelling abroad.

First Aid Kit for Tour

Before you set out for a trip, it is crucial to prepare a first aid kit. Keep necessary medications inside the kit, band aids, cotton, gauze, anti allergic medications for itching, skin rashes and insect bites. Mosquito repellents, creams, antiseptic wipes, laxative for constipation, painkillers, hot and cold packs, and antiseptic liquid should also be a part of this kit.

Sunblock / Sunscreen Cream

Sunburn is quite common while travelling. You need to carry a sunblock cream with high sun protection factor (SPF) to keep from hazardous effects of UV rays while on the move.
Other Necessary Medical Aids

  • Thermometer
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Digital thermometer
  • Water purification tablets